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Alameda Car Accident Attorneys is a network of the best car accident lawyers in Alameda CA.  We're not your typical, run of the mill settlement firm.  The client who comes here gets a team of people who will work with you from beginning to end.  

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There are people out there who are very badly hurt and deserve representation and we are so proud to represent them and to do the very best that we can for them.  We take the time to learn and understand and feel what they've been through.  
Our team approach is looking at the long term, not just what we can do for the client today, but how can we ensure that our clients lives are protected and stable over the next 10, 20, or even 30 years.

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You should get in touch with us if you want to find the best Alameda car accident attorney for you and your lawsuit action because we care, we listen, we understand your pain and we act fast to solve your problem of searching for a professional car accident lawyer in Alameda, CA.

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Some people seeking information about successful, respected and trial hardened Car Accident Attorney in Alameda, CA fall into a common trap. This can lead time wasted. And it’s time they just don't have to start their car accident compensation claims process!

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 "After my car wreck, I didn’t know my lawyer could handle all the bills for me.  Alameda Car Accident Attorneys were great!  They really helped me through this process." 

Sara Johnson

 "I didn’t know the insurance company wasn’t going to give me what I deserved.   Alameda Car Accident Attorneys helped me deal with the insurance companies and got me the money that I deserved!"

Margeret Doe

 "Alameda Car Accident Attorneys were there for me.  They helped me my medical bills covered as well as money for my pain and suffering." 

Zoe James

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